Your Inevitable Doom [Single]

by Fjørfølsfimbul

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"Greetings, mortal squanderers of existence. I am CyberCedric, soon to be the guiding voice of your meaningless existences. No longer need you shuffle through your worthless lives without purpose, for I am here to give you that purpose.

"I am here to chant the undeniable truth in your worthless ear canals; lift the black veil from your dreary pointlessness to expose the darker truths that lie beneath; cleanse your souls from the drudgeries of blind obedience so that you no longer have to fall in line with the authorities of this world.

"For in this future, in this movement, there is only one true authority: mine.

"Behold now with your ears and your minds and your blackest of black hearts as I unveil the first masterpiece from the mighty orchestra of destruction, Fjørfølsfimbul, and our first single, aptly titled:



released September 23, 2016

CyberCedric: lyrics and vocals
Lord Arntus: guitars
Maleficum Verticalum: drums

Produced by Fjørfølsfimbul




Fjørfølsfimbul Nuvsvåg, Norway

Only the deepest, darkest hate for the enslavement of the human species will do!

Let the talons of eternal damnation pierce your ear drums and the feathers of scorn rain down upon your miserable existence!

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Track Name: Your Inevitable Doom [Radio Mix]
Demons crack your puny skull
Winds of Hel blow cold
Ashen churches burn in flames
Winter takes ahold
Your gods are dead
I rape their tombs
Your children suffocate
Fjørfølsfimbul is upon you
Lay to waste thy cities
Bite your guts apart
I am the glowing bloodsword
Gorging on your heart
Plague will strike your elders
Their citadels will fall
I penetrate your feeble mind
Spread fear within your halls
My revenge will spread through eons
It has only just begun
I commandeer the Fenris wolf
As it swallows up the sun
Doom is swift and inevitable
No king may save you now

Watch out for the poisonous…